14/11/2023 David

Mixed or Single Sex Schools (link to podcast below)?

Two secondary school principals join Louise in September 2023 to discuss one of the big questions for parents, and students, when it comes to selecting a secondary school.


The Spotify podcast features secondary school principals Alan Mynes (also a Joeys Past Pupil), Ballymakenny College, Drogheda and Seán Stack, St Joseph's, Fairview, Dublin, who share their experiences and discuss mixed and single-sex schools.


Seán’s father was a teacher and he attended mixed schools at primary and secondary level. St Joseph’s began to accept girls this year and he explains “there wasn't a moment that we said, oh we're going co-ed. There probably was a moment we said, well, hold on a second, why are we not looking at this?”


Ballymakenny College is a mixed school but Alan went to single sex at primary and secondary level and he is, as it happens, a past pupil of St Joseph’s, Fairview!

He says it comes back to “if a student is happy, regardless of whether it's co-ed or single sex,” that there are different school models and, “there's a school for everybody.”


Both tell Louise about the teachers they remember fondly from their school days.


To listen to the podcast (brief intro features students from both schools followed by interview with both principals from Minute 5:00), click here.


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