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Getting in touch on the Joeys Alumni Network

Wondering how to get in touch with past Joeys Classmates – for a chat, to meet up or come to an event such as the annual dinner?

Here are a couple of tips (pick one that best suits you):

Is there a WhatsApp Group for your LC Year (see list of WA Groups below)?:

Yes: then you can choose to join by getting the link either from us (info@joeysalumni.com or message us on Facebook) or from a classmate you are still in touch with.


(a) then you (plus a few others?) could choose to set up a Joeys LC Year Group for your year and invite guys to join (ideally, tell us about it to help us coordinate communications in the best interests of everyone in Joeys Alumni)

And / Or

(b) you could sign-up on our website www.joeysalumni.com, providing your contact details and opting to share or not share with past LC Year classmates. Signing up on our website also provides access to our Gallery of photos filed by LC Year/s or events. It also includes you in circulation of our periodic newsletters.


WhatsApp Groups:

Joeys 1964; Joeys 1966 & Friends; Joeys 1969.

Joeys Class of 1971; Joeys 1972 Class; Joeys 1973; Joeys 1974; Joeys 1975; Joeys 1976; Joeys 1977; Joeys 1978; Joeys 1979.

Joeys Alumni Nth America & Region Chapter.

Joeys 1981; Joeys 1982; Joeys Classes of Joeys 1983; Joeys 1985 Class; Joeys 1986; Joeys Class of 1988; Joeys 1989.

Joeys 1991; Joeys 1992; Joeys 1994; Joeys 1996; Joeys 1998; Joeys 1999.

Joeys 2004; Joeys Classes of 2013; Joeys 2014.


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