14/12/2021 David

Job Opportunities at Dublin Airport

We have been informed by a past Board of Management member and senior manager in the aero industry that 200 jobs are currently available in the following categories and other categories not listed:


Check-in Staff, Wheelchair Assistants, Administration Assistants, Baggage Services, Cabin Appearance Staff, Catering Staff Drivers with Aer Lingus, Ramp Agents for Bag movements and Cargo.


Benefits of working at Dublin Airport: Can enhance your career by attending night classes at various colleges for FETAC Qualifications.


Staff are able to move from one Company to another as they gain experience and are rewarded with promotion and better pay scales.


There are great opportunities for people with PSA Qualifications.


Contact the following: Graham.Clare@icts.ie


Download the Indeed App for Jobs at Dublin Airport as all the companies mentioned above use this App to Advertise their Vacancies.


Note: Special Buses run to Dublin Airport for staff for these companies from various locations around Dublin Airport. Car parks only cost 6 euro a week.


For further information:

Download the Indeed App or Google the following:

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