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Joeys Alumni Annual Dinners started in 1956

Joeys Alumni has been in existence since the 1940s and our 1st Annual Dinner took place in 1956 in the Moira 
Hotel. Eamonn Ó Laithbeartaigh (Eddie Laverty), Secretary of the PPU in 1956, is in the photo featured here.
Eddie also appears in a photo from our 2019 Annual Dinner (click on link below to view folder of past Reunion
Dinners) with his brother, Fr. Denis Laverty, also a Joey’s alumnus. Others in the 3 photos from 1956 are Past
Principal & founder of Joeys PPU (1939 – 44), Bro. Keane, Harry Boland, past PPU President / Chairman,
Michael Gray, Chairman (1956), Seán Whelan and Bro. Kavanagh.
Denis Laverty, from LC Year 1956 and a brother of Eddie Laverty, was awarded the Joeys Alumni Community 
Service & Leadership Award at our Annual Dinner in 2019 in recognition for his establishing and running
Camino Network, a drugs rehabilitation unit in Enfield, Co. Meath.
Other past Annual Dinner photos from 1956, 1957, 1959, 1970, 1993, 1997 and 1998 are contained in our website 
Gallery photos. The photo from Annual Dinner 1970 in Four Courts Hotel features PPU Committee members
Gerry Fennell (President 1957 for Annual Dinner In Grand Hotel, Malahide and Vice President 1970), Hugh
McCormick (Joeys 1905), Willie Cooper (Hon. Secretary) and Niall Hogan (Hon. Treasurer).
Gerry Fennell also appears in the photo from 1959 Annual Dinner in Grand Hotel, Malahide as does Harry Boland 
and someone who looks a lot like Des Foley of Dublin GAA fame. Both Gerry and Harry were long time members
and chairmen / presidents of the Joeys PPU committee.
To view all the above-mentioned photos, please click on the following link:



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