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P-Tech Launch in St. Joseph’s CBS Fairview


P-TECH was officially launched in St Joseph’s CBS (Joeys), Fairview, Dublin on Thursday, 4th April 2019 at a presentation to 1st Years & their parents. P-TECH is fully integrated into the 2nd level curriculum, providing real life skills and a pathway to the digital economy. Joeys is partnered with IBM & CISCO who are providing mentoring & work experience. Overall programme (initiated by Joeys Alumni) involves Depts of Education & Skills, Dept of the Taoiseach and National University of Ireland. Overall Project Leader is Joeys Past Principal & Pupil, Aidan Giblin.


P-Tech is a programme which runs alongside and complements a student’s normal post primary education. However, while most students will leave Post Primary school with a Leaving Certificate, P-Tech graduates also have the opportunity to earn a third-level qualification (level 6) and will have the work experience needed to be a highly qualified candidate for employment in IT and related areas. Each second-level school is partnered with a third-level college and one or more companies, who work together to help students complete second and third-level coursework, and to participate in workplace experiences like mentoring, workplace visits and learning, and paid internships.

In November 2018, The Taoiseach, the Minster for Education and Skills and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform announced the piloting of PTECH (Pathways in Technology) in Dublin’s North East Inner City. The P-Tech project became a reality directly as a result of proposals made by Joeys Alumni (our Past Pupils’ Union). St Joseph’s CBS, Fairview is one of the first 3 schools in Ireland to participate in P-Tech (the other 2 being Larkin Community College and Marino College).


The National College of Ireland is the initial third-level education partner. IBM, Cisco, Virgin Media, Irish Water and Irish Life are participating as the first industry partners. Enrolment of new students in St. Joseph’s began on 4th April 2019, with the first classes starting in September 2019, at the three participating schools. This Programme is being implemented as part of the Dublin North East Inner City Initiative (NEIC) in conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills. Ireland is the first country in Europe to introduce the P-TECH model.

The 2018 FIT ICT Skills Audit identified over 12,000 current vacancies in the sector offering quality job opportunities at entry, competent as well as expert levels. (https://fit.ie/about/skills-audit/)


P-TECH Ireland Student Overview 2018


  • Provide young people with an innovative and highly relevant education opportunity that enables them to earn a third-level qualification, along with the skills required to enter the workforce or continue their education.
  • Address the “skills gap” and strengthen the economy by building a workforce with the technical and professional skills required for 21st Century jobs.

The Student Experience:


  • Take regular second-level courses required to earn normal secondary qualifications.
  • Take third-level courses while at secondary school as early as Transition Year.
  • Participate in structured work experiences to learn teamwork and develop the skills needed for the 21st century workplace.
  • Receive one-to-one mentoring from industry staff, and explore various careers through paid internships and workplace experiences provided by industry.
  • Graduate with traditional second-level qualification and a third level qualification directly aligned to job opportunities in digital technology related roles.
  • On completion, be ‘first in line’ for jobs with industry partners, subject to availability and standard interview and hiring processes. Or continue in education e.g. applying to other third-level courses.















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