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Stay at Home Joeys Alumni Quiz

CONGRADULATIONS TO Alexander Fay who was the first entrant with the most correct answers.


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Win a set of Creative Headphones donated by Joeys Past Pupil campany CREATIVE by completing as many of the questions below by Friday 10th April at 8pm.

To enter submit your answers to info@joeysalumni.com by the closing time.

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Example question and answer 

365 D in a Y  -> ANSWER is -> 365 Days in a Year

  1. S 1913, P by WBY           September 1913, Poem by William Buttler Yeats
  2. the RL is 125 KML           the River Liffey is 125 Kilometres Long
  3. 11 P on a ST           11 Players on a Soccer Team
  4. N 9 in RU is the SH            Number 9 in Rugby Union is the Scrum Half
  5. 16/08/1977 E P D            16/08/1977 Elvis Presley Died
  6. C-19; WYH’s            Covid-19; Wash Your Hands
  7. the LLS  with RT           the Late Late Show with RT
  8. A: M21 to A20             Aries: March 21 to April 20
  9. CNA was the 1st M on the M      Commander Neil Armstrong was the 1st Man on the Moon
  10. T’s C is F of G              Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace
  11. S F: 1918-1920                            Spanish Flu: 1918-1920
  12. J 1st, 1999 the E was A    January 1st, 1999 the Euro was Adopted 
  13. 23 A 1014, B of C    23 April 1014, Battle of Clontarf
  14. L, 925 M H                                  Lugnaquilla, 925 Meters High
  15. H, WH a P     Houston, We Have a Problem
  16. P the T R             Paint the Town Red
  17. É  A na C 1916    Éirí Amach na Cásca 1916
  18. W the S H N N     Where the Streets Have No Name
  19. B, LM, the E and AC; U 2’s B M Bono, Larry Mullins, the Edge and Adam Clayton; U 2’s Band Members
  20. T B to H L & L T N to H L A A                  Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
  21. D, 2019 A-I S F C     Dublin, 2019 All-Ireland Senior Football Champions
  22. the M 50 is 45.5 KML     the M50 is 45.5 Kilometres Long
  23. U B 11 T W C                               Usain Bolt 11 time World Champion
  24. 1st i R in 2007                              1st iPhone Released in 2007
  25. I K is the F of I                              Ingvar Kamprad is the Founder of IKEA
  26. S L By B                       Single Ladies by Byoncé
  27. K, the S for P                                K, the Symbol for Potassium
  28. M C, 1st W to W the N P              Marie Curie, 1st woman to Win the Nobel Prize
  29. C is the L C in I                             Cork is the Largest County in Ireland
  30. *S J C B S, F               St Josephs CBS, Fairview
  31. the H has 4 C                               the Heart has 4 Chambers
  32. the P, D S S C to M       the Police, Don’t Stand So Close to M
  33. V is the H P in the S S                  Venus is the Hottest Planet in the Solar System
  34. the O G are H E 4 Y       the Olympic Games are Held Every 4 Years
  35. 2nd M 1980 the B R P L  C       2nd March 1980 the Boomtown Rats Play Leixlip Castle
  36. S Y L by L C               SOMEONE YOU LOVED by LEWIS CAPALDI
  37. Y P a F T to L M, L               You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille
  38. 239 M M F the E to the M       239 Million Miles From the Earth to the Moon
  39. T K A M, H L              To Kill A Mocking Bird, Harper Lee
  40. 17 M, L  F P              17 March, Lá Féile Padraig
  41. 31a DBR, T S to H S       31a Dublin Bus Route, Talbot Street to Howth Summit
  42. an A and a L              an Arm and a Leg
  43. S C P J B in 7 F                           Sean Connery Player James bond in 7 Films
  44. W is the C of N Z                         Wellington is the Capital of New Zealand
  45. *the G S C D, R             the Grove Social Club Disco, Raheny
  46. J-Z is M to B                                 Jay-Z is Married to Byoncé
  47. 20,000 S U the S, P H      20,000 Streets Under the Sky, Patrick Hamilton
  48. T T S S, J L C               Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, John Le Carré
  49. O U a T in H                                  Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
  50. *K C 2, K of E, S & I 1649 - 1651 King Charles 2 King of England Scotland & Ireland 1649 - 1651
  51. *F C, 1st E of C (1728-1799)           Francis Caulfeild, 1st Earl of Charlemont (1728-1799)
  52. T T L S                                         Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  53. L G’s 60 S Q                                 Larry Gogan’s 60 second Quiz
  54. P of A, 430 BC                              Plague of Athens, 340 BC
  55. B B B S                                         Baa Baa Black Sheep
  56. T with S O’R                                  Today with Sean O’Rourke
  57. S, S, W Y D the F?                        Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
  58. C 3407 F H                                    Carrauntoohil, 3407 Feet High
  59. 20 T in the E P L                           20 Teams in the English Premier League
  60. C 4’s T L L                                    Channel 4’s The Last Leg
  61. 2020 C Y of the R                         2020 Chinese Year of the Rat
  62. the 7 D                                          the 7 Dwarfs 
  63. the R V is 2190 M L                      The River Volga is 2190 Miles Long
  64. 48 C in E                                       48 Counties in England
  65. T B O N T B: T I T Q                     To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Question
  66. the B of 2020 - S D                      The Buzzword of 2020 - Social Distancing              


Competition CLOSED on Friday 10th April at 8pm

The competition is open to anyone within the Joeys community; past pupils, teachers, students, parents past and president and friends of the school.

To enter send your numbered answers to info@joeysalumni.com

Include your

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