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#twoCiaras  Zambia trip Blog

Our #twoCiaras arrived!


The two Ciaras are current teacher at Joeys. They have traveled, on their own time and expense, to Zambia in advance of the school’s #Zambia2020 trip.


Here is their complete blog of their trip.


Well we arrived in Kabwe after 19 hours of travel, 3 planes, 1 bus and lost bag later. 


All forgotten about once we are arrived in Sables and were greated by the shelter boys. (see photos for our very warm welcome) 

Quick hello and then headed to the hostel for dinner and early night. 

Late start, Catholic mass at 10am a wonderful mass with lots and singing and dancing in the native Bemba language. 

Then it was our tour of Kabwe and a history lesson from our wonderful guide Ba Fredrick on the complex economic history and currect situation in Kabwe. 

Football tournament then followed, with the Muzungas (local term for white people) Shelter boys 3 Muzungas 3. Rematch to follow on Thursday. Winner takes all. 

The hard work starts tomorrow. Secondary school pending.







Monday, start of a fresh week here in Kabwe and the madness commences. 

We are offically welcomed by the entire school community in what can only be described as an unforgettable ceremony. Singing and dancing from students and staff of Sables followed by a rather dodgy verison of the walls of limerick by the Muzungas.


It was then time for our first visit to the new Zamda project in a neighbouring village. A new primary school is currently under construction out there which other Zamda groups have been working on. Currently the primary school has 2 class rooms and no toilets. One of the classes has 91 students and the other has 54. Classrooms in Joeys don't seem so bad. 

After our visit it was back to Sables for a wonder lunch which is prepared by students and their fantastic teacher Madam Rochelle. This is part of the schools vocational programme. All proceeds from the lunches are used to further develop the cooking programme within the school. The vision of the programme is to provide the skills that will enable students to access employment after school.




Let the hard work commence 

The group arrived early to start working with the construction team on the new secondary school in Sables. Lots of manual labour including mixing cement by hand(not quite like Ireland)

We then had hurling, GAA and ladies soccer training in the afternoon for the boys and girls once school had finished. 


Long day so a early night was needed. No injuries or tears to report... as of yet. 

P.S still missing 1 bag, everything moves on Zambian time here!




Joeys 2016 mural lives on!

Construction work continues on the secondary school for some of the group. the others worked with the Gardener George to help prep the banana trees for the new season. The aim is to make sables self sufficient by growing their own fruit and vegetables. Work began on a mural on the wall of the toilets in Sables. Every year the joeys group leave behind some art work on the walls. 


Pictured is our mural from our 2016 trip.





Today, Thursday, we took a drive to a neighbouring town where the joeys group worked last year on some new toilets for a primary school. Great sense of achievement seeing the completed project. 
In the afternoon the rematch took place between the Sables team and the Muzungas. It was a hard fought match with the Sables team coming out on top. A great crowd showed up to cheer on both teams. This again is a tradition which the joeys boys take part in every year.





This morning we had an early start at 5.30 am. In pitch black we went to makalulu, the second biggest compound in Africa to meet some of the Sables students to experience the walk they must do every day to get to school. We began our walk at 6am with one student, by the time we arrived to sables at 7.45 we had an army of students with us. A trip to the hospice took place for the entire group today. A very difficult and eye opening visit but worth while to see the amazing work carried out by Regina the head nurse and her team. The hospice has strong links with Zamda and Sables as some of the funds raised by Zamda go to the hospice. Some of the boys and girls from the school have come from the hospice and some still attend. This is something which again we will bring the boys to experience.





Saturday this was sports day in the school. As it was a weekend day we were not expecting big crowds.. we were wrong. Children came from all over the compound to take part in the various different games and activities which we had organised. This day is also a big event on the Joeys schedule every year. 


Saturday night we had a movie night for the shelter boys (about 22 boys who live in the school all year round) Avatar was the movie of choice. Lots of goodies and a big screen for the movie.




It was off to mass in the morning for the group and then back to the school. We worked on the mural on the wall of the toilets and helped with the garden. Ciara and myself headed out to a neighbouring village to check on the progress of the school, all was running on time so the remainder of the donation was given for the completion of the roof. Hopefully the new village school will be up and running by September. 

A pool completion took place with the winner receiving a 10 kwacha price (about 70 cent). Fierce completion with one of the shelter boys coming out on top.



Our final day in Sables. Work continued on the secondary school with the final bricks being put in place before the roof was stared. It was also 'gift' time, this was when we handed out a bag of clothes to each and every student in the school. Myself, ciara and other members of the group orginised the bags during the week. This happens only twice a year so its a very exciting day for the boys and girls. The donations which we carried over with us helped to fill these bags.
Monday was ended with a fantastic bonfire with the shelter boys songs and stories where told. Wonderful words of thanks where shared by Ba Fredrick the assistant direct and lots of tears where shed. It was a hard good bye for all, but a fantastic experience with memories made that will last a life time.
This blog, I hope has given an in site to what is in store for the group of 11 young men who will travel to Zambia next year. We are running various different fund raisers through out the year to help with the group donation and cost of the trip. Many of the 11 boys have already started with their individual fund raising, bag packing,bingo nights and sponsored walks all planned for the new school year. We have setup a go fund me page to assist the boys with their fun raising and we are hopefully the the Joeys past pupils will help out as best they can. This will be a once in a life time trip for these young boys. We hope they they will not only benefit but also help the lives of those less fortunate in Zambia.
Thank you in advance for your support
The Two Ciara's
Here is the link for the Go fund me page


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