23/11/2020 Joeys Alumni

Joeys Virtual Open Night to a Live Zoom Audience.

Pupil Recruitment:

How times have changed since many of us were in school! It’s a competitive market out there and, like most businesses, Joeys has to compete to recruit new students – both Primary and Secondary.



Designed with the support of your Joeys Alumni

The good news is we are making a start with a new flier designed for the primary (and planned for the secondary), open days for prospective new secondary students (with transport provided by the school – publicised on social media) and a virtual “Open Night” for prospective pupils and their parents.

Acting on your behalf, Joeys Alumni is helping out by providing resources to livestream (and record) the school’s annual Open Night. This recording also contains the recruitment video your contributions helped us to make in cooperation with new Principal, Sean Stack, teaching staff and professional communications consultant.


See link below. The Joeys Alumni piece runs for about 4 out of its 48 minutes from intro at about minute 25:15. This was first time we conducted the Open Night on Zoom - it's usually done live in front of our targeted audience but Covid-19 prevented that this time:

Recorded and Streamed live by Joeys Alumni


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