23/11/2020 Joeys Alumni

Where are we now?

The operating environment for Joeys has been changing dramatically over the varying lifespans of past pupils from every decade over the last 50 years – from the economy to movement of families to the further away suburbs, construction of new schools to serve them, education legislation and to how our schools are funded.

Over the years, Joeys Alumni has helped out by supporting individual projects financially and in other ways. During this period, Primary and Secondary have operated mostly as self-contained units. Increasingly tight funding has forced management to focus the bulk of their time on day to day educational and operational matters.

As a start in the process of organisational transformation, school principals, teachers and boards of management are now working much more closely with your committee, to move beyond the pressures of day to day matters, arrive at a shared understanding of the issues facing both schools and, finally, work on an agreed plan for moving forward.



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